Will PUBG Be Banned in India? PUBG in India - everything we know so far..

2020 Biggest Gamer News Will Pubg Ban In India?

Attempts were made to delete the PUBG game, but experts say it is not easy to do due to some technical reason. pubg is the most played game of all time. This game has a different passion in the youth in India.
This was the First eSports Game Respresnt India

Let us tell you whether the pubg will be banned in India or not?

Why are questions arising for banning pubg?
There are many reasons for banning pubg like a school going kids also playing pubg games. Which has a bad effect on his mind.
Violence in children increases by playing pubg games. Children’s attention is going away from studies to play games. Which is bad for the future of the country. Children should only be in their mobiles.
There have also been many reports in which children killed their father for playing games. This is a bad lesson for society. All these led to the question of banning the pubg mobile in india.
A teenager playing PUBG mobile managed to set his family back by Rs. 16 lakh. PUBG Mobile has remained a popular game during the global pandemic and seen rapid growth in revenues because people stuck at home have been gaming more, according to Sensor Tower analysis. However, the battle royale game from Tencent Games has also received flak from different corners for its "addictive" gameplay that has taken its users to the extremes. A new report on Thursday claimed that a teenager from Punjab spent Rs. 16 lakhs from his parents' bank accounts to make in-app purchases on PUBG Mobile. It added that the 17-year-old from Kharar spent his father's life's savings, kept for medical expenses.

Pubg games are banned in some countries of the world
  • China
  • Nepal
  • iraq

Some Unknown Facts About PubG Mobile
  1. pubg mobile is a game inspired by a movie. It is made by watching a Japanese movie. In this movie, 100 students are left on an island, one of which is known by servive.
  2. The pubg game was created by a person from ireland
  3. You must know the erangle map. This map was created by the owner of the pubg game.
  4. Everybody thinks that pubg mobile game is a game to kill other players, which is completely opposite. In this, if you do not kill and only do servive, then you also get points. Because this is a serviving game.
  5. Over 20 million people play PubG Mobile game every day. Is the most played game.
  6. This game is available on PlayStore for absolutely free, so you need to have these questions in mind that how does pubg mobile make money? We tell you how pubg mobile earns money. pubg promotes movies to earn money. Earns money from players by selling clothes in games.
  7. By the way, this game did not reveal its income. But its one month income in February 2018 was 721 crore. From this you can guess how the gaming industry is growing.
  8. There is also a PC version of pubg mobile. But you will not get to see it free, for this you will have to pay some money.
  9. Many people are earning millions of rupees a month by streaming pubg games on YouTube. If you are also a pro player then you can make a career in it.
  10. This game has been awarded many awards such as Best Action Game of the World, Best Game of 2014.

You may have heard several cases of PUBG mobile being banned in various Universites,hostels and schools. The reason for this is that students are not only distracting themselves but also spoiling the whole atmosphere. Another reason is that hostel students eat up whole data of PUBLIC WIFI.
Many institutions tried end this trend by creating proxies in their network to block PUBG but that didn't work as the students used VPN to solve the issue. As a result, playing PUBG can be a reason for SUSPENSION.
Now, these are steps taken by private organizations. Meanwhile, many petitions are being signed to ban PUBG.
Most of influence may be on PUBG Mobile.
I don't have the whole list of games that are being banned India but if I come across it I'll make sure to update this thread.
Thanks for reading!

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