How to find lost phone ? How to get a lost phone ?

If you lose your smartphone, it can be tense. Now you can get a lost phone with the help of technology. If your Android smartphone is not available, you can also access your smartphone by going directly to the Google device manager. There you will also get the option to lock the mobile and remove the content. It is quite easy to use the facility for Android.

Android phone

In today's era, smartphone life has become for every person. If the phone is lost, it smiles a lot. Sometimes it becomes hot from us, so many times you keep it and forget it. Now Google has prepared a new feature to remove this problem. With the help of this feature of Google, you can easily get your phone. Now it is very easy to find Android phone.

First of all, you have to open Google home page. Here, sign in with the Google Account ID, which is registered in your Android smartphone. Next, search on the Google Home search bar by typing Where's, my phone? As soon as you do this search a measurement will open in front of you. In this measurement, the location of your phone will be seen shortly. Google will elevate the location of your smartphone and will tell you where it is now.

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If you have come from some other place and do not remember whether the phone was missed or anywhere else, then this feature can prove useful for you.

If the phone is not available at home, you have forgotten to keep it, then you can also ring it on the flower volume, it will reduce even if your phone is in silent mode. Just your phone battery should not run out. You will see the option of the ring below the measurement. This whole process is part of Google's device manager.


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