The GTA Trilogy is at last playable once more

Update November 14: The GTA Trilogy opened up again through the Rockstar Launcher recently. Here is the authority articulation from Rockstar's status page: 

"We earnestly apologize for the burden. We are additionally attempting to improve and refresh generally speaking execution as we push ahead. We might want to thank everybody for their understanding as we settle these issues."

Unique story underneath. 

Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy is being sold on PC through the Rockstar store, which utilizes the Rockstar Games Launcher: a work area application similar as or UPlay. Shockingly, not long after Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy's delivery yesterday, the Rockstar Games Launcher went acting up and has now been down for over 16 hours. 

Rockstar gave a short assertion by means of online media that it would be "briefly disconnected for support." 

Two or three hours prior the Rockstar account added: "We thank you for your understanding and understanding as we keep on chipping away at reestablishing administrations for the Rockstar Games Launcher and upheld titles." 

Persistence and comprehension? On the web? Obviously certain individuals are having cats about this, and it is genuinely awful that it's occurred close by the arrival of GTA: The Trilogy. The way that the entire launcher is down implies this is likewise influencing players across Rockstar's games. PCG has reached Rockstar for input, and will refresh with any reaction. 

The most effective method to check the Rockstar Games Launcher's status 

Rockstar Games has a help status page on its site with data for its games across control center and PCs. As of this composition, the Rockstar Games Launcher is as yet showing red no matter how you look at it for confirmation, store access, cloud benefits and downloads. It's totally down, as such, however you can invigorate the page above for news. 

Alongside the launcher, the status page shows that GTA Online and Red Dead Online are additionally both down on PC. The control center forms and Rockstar Social Club are altogether green.


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