How to Get Skins for Free in Valorant 2022 ?

How to Get Skins in Valorant

Fortunately, the folks at Riot have the perfect solution for players who need to look their best while gunning down enemies. Skins are cosmetic add-ons that can change the physical appearance of a weapon, as well as animation and audio effects.

Keep reading to find out where to get these unique looks and whether you’ll have to play or pay to unlock the customizations.

How to Get Skins in Valorant?

Unlike other popular multi-shooter games, Valorant doesn’t have special skins to change and customize Agent appearance – at least for now. What they do offer is a collection of skins that can modify and enhance the way that weapons look and feel while playing the game.

They don’t necessarily enhance your gameplay, but sometimes looking good is all it takes to win a match, right

Complete Agent Contracts - 

If you’re looking to unlock as many Agents as possible, you’re probably already doing individual Agent contracts. Completing these contracts does more than unlock Agents, though. Getting to Tier 10 in Chapter 2 can also yield a modest collection of agent-specific weapon skins. And best of all? They’re free!

The problem that many players run into is the seemingly insurmountable XP requirement to level through Tier 10. If you’re just counting Tier Six upwards, you’re looking at 625,000 XP to unlock these skins. Another added problem is that you can’t buy your way out of it as you can for Chapter 1.

However, if you’re willing to put in the time, these free skin customizations may just be worth it.


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