Top 5 NEW Single Player Games of 2022

2022, believe it or not,has plenty of cool things to play if you're a single-player gamer .Here's a big old list of the top 5 single-player games of this year,both new and upcoming.

Let's get started off with number 5

"Scorn" is a game that's been in the works for many, many years, from a Kickstarter, to now, some funding from Microsoft. It's finally getting the light of day this year, after so long, and it's just a weird, gross sci-fi horror first-person shooter. I don't really know a better way to describe this one but for me, the main appeal is the art direction. The art style, very much inspired by H.R. Giger. H.R. Giger, famous for the "Alien" designs from the original movies, as well as a ton more. This game seems to lean on the body horror, the mystery and atmosphere, and world-building that we come to for something like this. And if you're an off beat horror fan like me, it seems like this is gonna have some good stuff for you. Thankfully, we finally get to check it out October 21st. 

Now , over at number 4

We have a game called "VALKYRIE ELYSIUM." In this, you play as the Valkyrie who is tasked with seemingly saving an already doomed world, and it's a good old action RPG. I mean, look at it on-screen here. Don't know too much about it, but when it was shown off earlier this year at an event, we couldn't help but be hooked on it simply because it just looks like a little blast of nostalgia. As much as it's very pretty and cool and flashy, there's something about it with the way the combat works, the summoning, the character designs, that just seems a little bit old school and something that might really perfectly scratch that itch. We'll know for sure when we get our hands on this one pretty soon, September 29th. 

Top 5 NEW Survival Games of 2022

Now, next over at number 3

We have "The Quarry." This is from the developers behind "The Dark Pictures Anthology," and more importantly, the incredible "Until Dawn." "The Quarry" takes very much what they set up with "Until Dawn" and runs with it. It embraces goofy, schlocky horror, some good tension and dread, and lovable characters that you're also gonna wanna probably see get systematically taken out by the bad guys. This is a game about quick time events, dialogue choices, looking for clues, talking to your fellow camp counselors, and just kind of enjoying a tongue-in-cheek horror story that can go in a variety of different ways. It's really cool to see how this one plays out. Trust me, especially with the graphics, it's also just a looker. And like I said, if you played "Until Dawn," if you liked any of their previous games, you should absolutely give "The Quarry" a shot this year. 

Next, over at number 2

We have "Triangle Strategy." This is actually from the producer of "Bravely Default" and "Octopath Traveler." So if you've touched either of those games you really know what to expect here but with a huge dash of actual hardcore strategy gameplay. If you like RPGs with a bunch of playable characters this game has 20, skill systems, party systems, and the art style of something like "Octopath Traveler." "Triangle Strategy" is really just a good combination of a bunch of different things. And if you need something a little bit meaty or something a little deeper on Nintendo's Switch this has got you covered. 

Next, over at number 1

We have "Pokemon Legends: Arceus." Now, this released earlier this year and kind of revitalized some of the Pokemon gameplay, with open world, fully 3D graphics, and a more complex catching and battling system. It was very cool, especially how it was set in a different time period. For the Pokemon universe, it was a nice refresh. But along with that, this year, towards the end of the year with November, we gotta mention "Pokemon Scarlet" and "Pokemon Violet," also coming, which is going to give us and expand even more on this new style of open world catching gameplay, and we're excited to see how that pans out. Really, regardless, 2022, if you're a Pokemon fan, you're eating good, and that's important 


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