Valorant's Weirdest Twist Yet: Iso's Pocket Dimension

Valorant, a game known for its strategic gameplay and conservative character abilities, is about to take a bizarre turn with its eleventh post-launch agent, Iso. This Chinese mercenary comes armed with unique skills, but it's his ultimate ability, "Kill Contract," that's turning heads. In this article, we'll delve into the weird world of Iso and his game-changing pocket dimension.

An Unconventional Ability

Iso's "Kill Contract" ability allows him to kidnap the nearest enemy and transport both of them to an "interdimensional arena" where they must face off in a 1v1 duel to the death. It's an ability unlike anything seen in the world of first-person shooters. Imagine playing Valorant and suddenly being challenged to a one-on-one showdown in an entirely different dimension.

A Peculiar Pocket Dimension

Iso's pocket dimension doesn't resemble the familiar maps of Valorant. Instead, it resembles a Star Trek Holodeck that lacks detailed textures. The arena is a flat piece of ground with walls hiding both players upon arrival. These walls disappear once the duel begins, ensuring a fair fight. While it may seem like a complex ability, the entire process plays out in just a few seconds, adding an exciting twist to the game.

Iso's Full Ability Breakdown

To fully understand Iso's capabilities, let's break down his abilities:

Double Tap (E):

Iso can initiate a focus timer, which, when completed, enters a flow state. During this state, downed enemies he kills or damages generate an energy orb. Shooting this orb grants him a shield that absorbs one instance of damage from any source.

Undercut (Q):

This ability equips Iso with a molecular bolt. He can fire it forward, applying a brief "FRAGILE" status to all players it touches. Notably, the bolt can pass through solid objects, including walls.

Contingency (C):

With this ability, Iso can equip prismatic energy, and by firing it, he can create an indestructible energy wall that blocks bullets.

Kill Contract (X / ULT):

Iso's ultimate ability, "Kill Contract," equips an interdimensional arena. By firing it, he can hurl a column of energy through the battlefield, pulling both him and the first enemy hit into the arena, where they must duel to the death.

Burning Questions

The introduction of Iso and his pocket dimension has sparked numerous questions and speculations:

Q- Did the designers intentionally make "Kill Contract" resemble Gojo's Domain Expansion from the anime Jujutsu Kaisen, or is it just a coincidence?

Does the client load the arena instantaneously upon use, or is it a graphical trick?

Q- Do Iso's abilities slightly increase the graphical requirements of Valorant?

How do other players on the map experience the pocket dimension?

Q - Can an enemy wait around where Iso disappeared from and easily kill him upon his return?

Iso's Ultimate: A Double-Edged Sword

One of the primary questions surrounding Iso's ultimate is whether it offers a significant advantage to Iso himself. Most ultimate abilities in Valorant are designed to give the user a distinct upper hand over the enemy. However, "Kill Contract" merely levels the playing field, as both Iso and his opponent have an equal chance of victory. While Iso gains a small edge with two walls compared to the enemy's one, he can still lose the 1v1 showdown. Using this ultimate effectively may be most advantageous when Iso is already at a disadvantage, allowing him to turn the tide in his favor.

A Refreshing Twist in Valorant

Riot's introduction of Iso is a breath of fresh air in Valorant. For a game known for its conservative character abilities, recent agents have started to break the mold. Gekko can deploy a unique creature to plant the Spike, and Deadlock sets traps that force enemies to crouch. Iso's pocket dimension adds a whole new level of complexity to the game, making it more exciting for both new and seasoned players.

In conclusion, Valorant's newest agent, Iso, and his pocket dimension have injected a dose of excitement into the game. His ultimate ability, "Kill Contract," challenges the norms of Valorant and offers a unique gaming experience. So, if you're wondering how weird Valorant has become, it's time to embrace the chaos and dive into the pocket dimension.


1.What is Valorant?
Valorant is a popular tactical first-person shooter (FPS) game developed by Riot Games, known for its strategic gameplay and unique agent abilities.

2.Is Iso's pocket dimension a permanent addition to Valorant?
As of now, Iso and his abilities are part of the game, but the game's meta can change over time, leading to adjustments or removal of agents.

3.How do you counter Iso's "Kill Contract" ability?
To counter Iso, maintaining map awareness and teamwork is crucial. If an enemy is kidnapped, you can try to position yourself strategically to eliminate Iso when he returns.

4.Is Iso's ultimate ability available throughout the entire match?
No, like all ultimate abilities in Valorant, Iso's ultimate ability has a cooldown period that must be managed carefully.

5.Can Iso's "Kill Contract" ability be used in professional Valorant tournaments?
The use of agents in professional play is subject to rules and regulations set by tournament organizers. Whether Iso is allowed or not will depend on their specific rules.

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