Top 5 Best Keyboard Apps You Must Try June 2021

A smart keyboard is one of the most crucial things to have on your smartphone. A good keyboard software comes in super handy whether you are a casual typist or a serial texted. This are top 5 keyboards in 2021, and best keyboard for android . From a good autocorrect feature to the ability to swipe your fingers over the keys and get the right words, these apps are very useful. Useful in low end devices like low ram phone and also open source keyboard. 

Also i am showing all Keyboard are privacy focused the list i am giving of keyboard all are safe, secure and private.

So, this is our list of the top five keyboard apps for your Android or iOS smartphone -

1. AnySoftKeyboard

Top 5 Best Keyboard Apps You Must Try June 2021

Any Soft Keyboard is an open-source, on-screen keyboard with multiple languages support with emphasis on privacy.
This is one of the most customizable keyboards available.

To activate: Launch 'AnySoftKeyboard Settings' App, and follow the instructions.

Main features:
* Multi languages keyboard support via external packages.
* Completion dictionaries for multiple languages.
* Also completes your typed words from you contacts names (Android 2.0+)!
* And, learns your typing behaviour to provide next-word prediction.
* Multi-Touch support (as in, pressing SHIFT along with other characters).
* Extension keyboard (swipe your finger all the way up out of the keyboard).
* Voice Input support (Android 2.2+).

2.Typewise Custom Keyboard - Big Keys, Emoji & Fonts

Top 5 Best Keyboard Apps You Must Try June 2021

Custom large keyboard with 4X fewer typos!

Type wise is an Android & iPhone keyboard app that helps you to make fewer typos, improve typing speed, customize the keyboard the way you want (different themes, fonts, emoji keyboard) while enjoying 100% privacy.

Featured on: TechCrunch, Houston Chronicle, Esquire, The Telegraph, Evening Standard, Tech Radar, Mac Observer, App Advice
Supported devices
Typewise is optimized for smartphones with Android 6 (Marshmallow), 7 (Nougat), 8 (Oreo), 9 (Pie), 10 and 11. Typewise is also a keyboard for iPhone

3.Yandex Keyboard

Top 5 Best Keyboard Apps You Must Try June 2021

Add some zest to your messaging experience with a smart and slick auto-correct feature, smooth swiping, a dedicated translator, and voice commands that support emoticons, GIFs and stickers. Chat away like never before.

*Your security and anonymity is our top priority
*Reads, writes and speaks Russian like a native.
*An interpreter in your pocket
*Make talking more fun
*Enjoy tools for every occasion and a host of useful options.

4.Bobble Indic Keyboard - Stickers, Fonts & Themes

Top 5 Best Keyboard Apps You Must Try June 2021

The all-new Bobble AI Keyboard is here to make your conversation interesting and fun. Bobble Keyboard is available for free with no upgrades or in-app purchases.
There is never a boring chat with Bobble Stickers Keyboard.

Bobble Keyboard has everything you ever wanted from your keyboard:
Live Cricket Score, POP Text, YouMoji, BigMoji, stickers, GIFs, Fonts, Themes!
Speed, reliability, glide typing, voice typing and much more!
★ BigMoji, Shayaris, Jokes and much more...
★ Awesome Features in Bobble AI Keyboard
★Personalized Content with Bobble Stickers Keyboard

5.Grammarly Keyboard - English Grammar Assistant

Top 5 Best Keyboard Apps You Must Try June 2021

Edit and correct your grammar, spelling, punctuation, and more with your personal writing assistant, grammar checker, and editor.

The Grammarly Keyboard and proofreader allows you to write clearly, confidently, and mistake-free in all your apps. Advanced features such as the synonyms tool help you enhance your vocabulary, spell check words and improve your writing - from emails to social media posts.

★Grammarly grammar checker and editor -
★Edit, spell check and correct your writing in real time
★Writing assistant and proofreader: Improve your communication skills


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