Grand Theft Auto VI Will Have Female Main Character for First Time In Series' History

A release date at least two years away, the series' first female protagonist, and the new map: Here's everything we know about the next instalment of GTA.

Hello, folks, today .,As usual, my name is Kartikey , here to talk about all the video game news that has been going on this week. And it's been a pretty wild week, a lot of rumour stuff, but just some cool stuff overall. So let's just jump in. The first story, the top story, you know we were gonna talk about it. We talk about every single fricking, little, tiny, "Grand Theft Auto" rumour on this show, but this is a pretty substantial one. The newest rumours on the street for "Grand Theft Auto VI," these seemingly leaks, if you wanna call 'em that, suggests that a lot of the previous leaks we've been hearing might be true. 

So this is reported by Jason Schreier at Bloomberg

who does have a track record for getting some things and getting some scoops right. The bigger thing about this report isn't actually the GTA stuff, it's more detailing Rockstar changing their workplace culture after, you guys probably remember in around 2018, there was a whole big thing about crunch culture at the studio and unhappy employees, apparently that has been shored up. 


We know that the next "Grand Theft Auto" game is possibly, if these rumours are correct, code named "Project Americas," and the game is going to feature two protagonists, seemingly a man and a woman in a kind of a "Bonnie and Clyde" style story. It's going to take place in a fictionalised Miami in Florida, which a lot of people assume is going to be Vice City. So seemingly maybe a modern day Vice City, the world is apparently bigger than previous games, which, you know, makes sense. And apparently there are going to be a lot more interiors. And there has also been some inklings in this of an ever-evolving world where new cities and missions are going to be added to essentially flesh out was originally their plan, to make a whole continental thing with multiple cities. Now, hearing that the always updated, evolving world, people just think, "Is it going to be, like, a live service 'Grand Theft Auto' and always online 'Grand Theft Auto,' or like one big 'GTA Online?'

On the PlayStation 5, there are new features

The other thing I'm pretty excited about this week are new PlayStation 5 features. So Sony has actually detailed a beta that is going to be rolling out for certain people for new PS5 software that's gonna give some features that we've been wanting for a while, specifically 1440 support, dude. 1440, the master resolution, if you ask me. If you play on PC, I think you know what's up. This is going to be good specifically for people who maybe play their PS5 on a monitor. It's just that happy medium, perfect resolution. Of course, the games have to support it, but apparently it's gonna be implemented and it's going to work like how changing resolutions and the rest of the display settings already work on PS5, which is tight. 

Along with that also, folders and Some other extra feature PS5

They're not specifically called folders, but just a way of organising your games a bit more efficiently is definitely welcome. And that's coming along with a couple of quality-of-life updates here and there, little extra features for joining friends and parties and stuff like that. Quality-of-life things, including leaving a game and then starting it up again. The hub is actually going to show you, possibly if the game supports it, what quest you left off on, which is pretty interesting. So if you wanna read up on all those details, like I said, everything's linked. I think this is gonna be a good one. I'm very much looking forward to having the 1440 options and organising my damn stuff.


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