Top 5 NEW GAMES of Game Awards 2022

The Game Awards just landed hard, and we found out about a load of great new stuff that we cannot wait to play. Hi folks, it's Kartikey, and today on Exploreday , the 5 best new games announced at the Game Awards 2022.

5. Remnant II

Now, the first Remnant came out back in 2019. And, well, it's a pretty good Soulslike. A lot of people consider it a hidden gem. It's got a very high user score on Steam, despite the fact that critics rated it kind of middlingly. It's one of those beloved games that maybe never got as big as it deserved to for whatever reason. I mean, the world that it sets up is so unique and unlike basically any other Soulslike without abandoning important conventions of the genre. I mean, it's a good game. It's solid and a lot of fun. The developers are touting it's combat. It's been improved, exactly how we don't know just yet, but they've also incorporated a new, what they're calling an archetypal progression system. I enjoy the first game and I'm really happy they're making a second.

I hope this one gets the attention that the first one deserved, and maybe it'll bring some more attention to the first one

4. Transformers: Reactivate 

This game other than it seems like you're Bumblebee and it seems like it's a first person shooter. So those are things that make it seem interesting to me. That could be a good game. But the trailer, I mean, you know how for a while, they were doing like dramatic covers of 1980s hits like "Everybody Wants to Rule the World." Well, they did a Bon Jovi cover in that way here, and it doesn't have the dramatic cover effect of a Tears for Fears song, let's say. However, I still admire it. It's just, I love the song personally and I get why they would do this. And it does actually have me intrigued. So I have to give them some credit on that, even though maybe I would hear the idea for it and go, yeah, that's not gonna work how we want it to. It got me interested in the game, so, I mean, props to them.

The game also, if it ends up looking anything like the trailer, is gonna be a really strange and interesting mix of things. Like I said, as far as I can pin it down, it's a Bumblebee first person shooter. Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine. Lot going on though. Lot going on in the trailer. It's apparently a four player game. Yeah, like you can play it single player, but I guess it's co-op as well. I definitely wanna know more, and I think we'll find out a lot more when the closed beta happens in 2023

3. Crash Team Rumble

A game that from the trailer, you might not exactly understand, but it seems actually fairly simple. This is a four V four multiplayer rumbler where each character has a different set of abilities, but the main goal is to get fruit, bank it in your goal as well as defend the opposing goal so they're not able to bank their fruit. While it's not the same concept obviously, I'm kind of interpreting it as a little bit Splatoon adjacent, and I really like that there's something like that out there. There's really nothing trying to be that. Honestly, if they handle this well, this is gonna be a really fun game, frankly. It's being developed by the same people that did Crash 4. Crash 4, fantastic.

It looks like they're preserving the game play style, but making it into an arena brawler, and that just works. I think that that could be fantastic. It's apparently gonna land next year too. And honestly, if it's as fun as the trailer makes it look, I'm there.

2 .Hades II

Hades II from Supergiant Games. These folks have never made a sequel, and Hades was so damn well received and successful, they were like, ah, all right, well, let's do that. So Hades II is about a different character, an immortal princess of the underworld who is looking to take down Cronus, the Greek god of time. The game retains all of the things that made Hades charming from what we see so far. We've got that great art style. The combat looks really slick and well refined. It's great to see Hades continue, honestly. Hades the original is just probably peak Supergiant Games, and they've made a lot of bangers through the years.

So for me it's just exciting to get more of it. I love Supergiant games. I've been with them through Bastion. I remember putting that game on and realizing there was a narrator, and, wow, man, they just rule. I can't wait to play Hades II

1. Armored Core 6

The first Armored Core in a decade. And actually kind of amazing that a franchise that's gone this long, started in '97, is still being developed by the main developer. And it's FromSoftware, so they've had other astounding hits, you know, the Dark Souls game and the various other games following that formula. And they decided to return to this era in their long history. People who never heard of FromSoftware until Dark Souls may not even realize that they have made like a million met games. And frankly, it looks like they've upped the stakes in every conceivable way. Even if you have no idea what Armored Core is, if you saw this trailer, you were like, holy crap, yes. From is touting a new progression system, apparently much more expressive and free movement. and also some integration of what they're calling groundbreaking gameplay found in their recent games.

So expect the little Souls in there. I don't know, this is easily one of the coolest things that could possibly happen during the Game Awards. It's coming next year, and wow. Couple of bonus games for you. A new side-scroller called Earthblade from the developers of Celeste. Still a platformer, but looks like they're going in a more Metroidvania direction.

I think a really interesting looking title and can't wait to hear more. That's all for today. Leave us a comment, let us know what you think. If you like this post, click like, if you're not subscribed, now's a great time to do so. We upload brand new post every day of the week. Best way to see them first is of course a subscription, so click subscribe. Don't forget to enable notifications. And as always, we thank you very much for watching this post. I'm Kartikey, you can follow me on Twitter @exploreday. We'll see you next time right here on


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