GTA 6 RELEASE WINDOW REVEALED ? GTA 6 Might Be Coming Out as Soon as Next Year ~ Explore Day

GTA 6 RELEASE WINDOW REVEALED ? GTA 6 Might Be Coming Out as Soon as Next Year

Hey, folks . Today is Saturday, May 20th, 2023. My name is Kartikey Septa, as usual. Here to talk about the video game news that has been going on this week.

So let's just jump right in. The first thing is, of course, a little bit of a Grand Theft Auto 6 . Now, last week we talked about some rumors and some leaks that ended up being debunked. But this time we got something a little bit more concrete.

GTA 6 Confirmed by Take-Two Interactive

I mean, concrete is a is a big phrase here, but this comes from publisher Take-Two Interactive themselves with their newest earnings projections and a press release they put out that kind of gives a little bit of a look as to when we might see GTA six. So essentially in its earnings reports that it put out it put out projections for the next couple of fiscal years and 2025 Final year and 2026 final year for them look like they're going to see a massive jump.

Like earlier, their projections were like 3 billion, but like one of their most recent ones, they hit 5 billion. But this time around, they're looking at 8 billion. That is a significant jump and that's considering Zynga and those acquisitions and everything. So a lot of people are extrapolating that. What is going to fill that massive bubble, that huge void of money, the next Grand Theft Auto game?

GTA 6 Release Date Set for 2025 ? GTA 6 Release Date Confirmed

This is significant because technically their final year begins April 2024. So that can at least give you some sort of idea that 2024 into 2025 might actually be the time of Grand Theft Auto six , GTA 6 news . Now, we've been talking about this game forever. We know Rockstar is officially working on it. They've acknowledged that the game also leaked a shit ton, so there was that as well.

So at the very least, what you can take from this news, obviously it's a massive window, but what you can take is that it is real and it is actually coming at some point. And seemingly the big parent company of Take-Two is preparing for it. They're got their bag of money open and they're ready to bring some in. Does that make sense? I mean, there's probably a lot more to look into with the stuff with earnings reports and projections and stuff, but I can't do math. 

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