Hello folks today is Saturday October 8th 2022 as usual it's me Kartikey Septa here to talk about all the video game news that has been going on this week and we got a stack show for you a lot of stuff to talk about so let's just jump in with the first thing I don't know if you saw this headline

PS5 has officially been jail broken

It is with an older software version of the console but still people have been able to open this thing up a little bit the results so far don't mean much it's kind of more of just an implication of the future really,so this was originally tweeted out by Lance McDonald who was Man fight Dragon that's his user name he's been shouted out on this channel a bunch  

He originally posted it and people have been able to get into this add files to the console people have been adding PT results really aren't really working out yet but again like I said like this is probably a step towards the future I'm also not super technically equipped to talk about this stuff so I just want to jailbreak my PS5 to make the controller battery life last longer and for the controllers to update wirelessly my God right I haven't updated my PS5 

     Top 5 NEW Single Player Games of 2022

Cyberpunk/CD Projekt Red New Games

Now we're talking and in other news CD projekt Red Announced a bunch of stuff they essentially laid out their roadmap for the next .I don't know like 10 years of everything that they're working on and here you see on screen  

It is a lot of stuff to break down first worth pointing out they did say that The Witcher 3 newer console gen version is still coming this year , which is cool but they also confirmed a full on sequel to cyberpunk2077

There some names of all project / games that are upcoming

1.Polaris, aka The Witcher 4 2.Sirius, The Molasses Flood Game 3.Canis Majoris, Another Open World Witcher RPG 4.Orion, the Cyberpunk 2077 Sequel 5.Hadar, CD Projekt Red's First Original IP 6.The Currently Unnamed Witcher 5 and 6

Right now it is code named Orion and they're essentially establishing a new studio group to work on this they're going to be putting like something like 350 to 500 developers on this game then there are of course a bunch of Witcher games in development one code named Sirius which is a single end multiplayer game by the Molasses Flood the smaller Indie Studio that they bought up like last year then there's project code name Polaris.

Which is like the next Witcher game the one that was announced this is like CD project Red's next main bread and butter thing but then there's also another one called Canis Majoris which is going to be another apparently full-fledged Witcher game uh but like by a different studio so really there's just a lot of here and this is probably them for the next 10 years and you can look at this in one of two ways right A lot of people still have a lot of skepticism with CD projekt Red so it's essentially is it them just laying out their cards and everything that they're working on for the next 10 years so that there aren't leaks and there's no like weird guessing games it's just we just know what's coming and they're being transparent or on the other hand is it them just once again saying a bunch of stuff promising a bunch of stuff and are they going to deliver

we're here every single Friday so if you like this if you like what we're doing here just gotta click the like button because it legit helps us so thank you but regardless thanks for watching see you guys next time pizza's on me have a great weekend


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