The Future of BGMI: Addressing Glitches, Bugs, and Player Concerns

The Future of BGMI: Addressing Glitches, Bugs, and Player Concerns
The Future of BGMI: Addressing Glitches, Bugs, and Player Concerns

BGMI, one of the most beloved games among players, is at a critical juncture due to numerous glitches, bugs, and other issues. The resolution of these problems is pivotal for the survival of the game. This article delves into the challenges faced by players, explores potential solutions, and highlights the need for prompt action. As we analyze the current state of BGMI, it becomes evident that the game's future hinges on the implementation of effective fixes.

The Challenges Faced by Esports Players

Esports players face several obstacles that may jeopardize their gaming experience and the future of BGMI. One of the most significant issues is the restriction on playtime. While casual gamers find the allocated 6-hour limit sufficient, esports players who need to dedicate 3-4 hours to grind face difficulties. They must charge their phones and join rooms, which often take 20-25 minutes or even longer. Consequently, their game time is reduced, making it challenging to participate in multiple custom games. Some players resort to using multiple IDs or collaborating with tournament organizers, which introduces its own set of complications, such as the risk of others playing on their alternative ID.

Unresolved Issues and Gameplay Discrepancies

The current version of BGMI suffers from unresolved issues that frustrate players. One such problem is the malfunctioning smoke, which allows opponents to easily spot a player's location. In end zones, where tactical use of utilities is vital, the smoke's ineffectiveness poses a severe disadvantage. The smoke turns blue, making players visible behind it, rendering it useless. This flaw significantly diminishes the gameplay experience and needs immediate attention to retain player interest.

Battery Drainage and High Ping Concerns

Another pressing matter affecting BGMI players is the rapid battery drainage compared to the previous version. Players have noticed a substantial increase in battery consumption, negatively impacting their gameplay sessions. Additionally, concerns regarding high ping persist among players, particularly those relying on Jio net for connectivity. Many experience ping drops and worry about the implications on their gameplay. To mitigate these issues, players are advised to switch to alternative networks or utilize hotspots from different operators to potentially improve their ping.

The Importance of Reporting Issues

To rectify the problems plaguing BGMI, players are encouraged to report glitches, bugs, and other concerns. Krafton, the game's developer, provides an official mail address where players can raise queries and report issues related to hacked or banned IDs. Additionally, a dedicated page on the official website enables users to report problems encountered on both iOS and Android platforms. Players should document issues through screenshots or video recordings and provide them as attachments when reporting. This proactive approach increases the likelihood of receiving a response and facilitates the resolution of problems.

The Role of Content Creators and Player Community

Content creators play a vital role in raising awareness about the challenges faced in BGMI. By sharing their experiences, they bring attention to the game's shortcomings and foster a sense of community among players. Moreover, the player community's engagement in the comment section enables an open dialogue regarding the issues at hand. Together, players and content creators can contribute to improving the overall gaming experience and ensuring the longevity of BGMI.


As BGMI confronts numerous glitches, bugs, and player concerns, it is crucial for the developers to address these issues promptly. The future of the game hinges on the effective resolution of problems faced by esports players, such as playtime restrictions and gameplay discrepancies. Furthermore, battery drainage and high ping issues demand immediate attention. By actively reporting issues and fostering a supportive player community, players can contribute to the game's improvement. BGMI's success lies in the hands of the developers


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