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Top 10+ New WhatsApp Features You MUST Try 😮

On the amount of features, so many features are being rolled out, some are about to happen, some are done, some more are in the process of rolling out, at least 10 features are new inside WhatsApp and because of it, change the way you Do things on WhatsApp, if you are using WhatsApp then you must watch this video completely and if you are an administrator, if you do group chat box, you also do individual chatting, you see everyone's status, you must watch this video because all A lot of changes are coming in me and I am going to tell the same in this video. By the way, friends, if you like this video then please like it and yes share it with your friends on WhatsApp so that they too become the king of WhatsApp. #WhatsAppNewFeatures #WhatsAppFeatures #WhatsApp2023

1. Chat Lock

Chat is getting locked for someone, many people might have got it right now. If you have WhatsApp Beta, then you will get these features first and then they will be rolled out to the regular public later. So if you want to test the latest and latest features. If you have then come to WhatsApp beta, then this chat lock will lock individual chats and it can be done with your face unlock or with fingerprint sensor, so you do not have to show a single chat to anyone, you talk privately to anyone. If you don't want to see then you can do it And then you can lock it with your fingerprint sensor No one will see A feature which I don't know since I am using WhatsApp

2. Multi Device Support

I wanted that feature. Multi device WhatsApp support. We used to have WhatsApp on the device and then WhatsApp web etc. we used to connect to PC but now friends, separate the devices i.e. you have a tablet, an iPhone and you use an Android phone. Are you using the same WhatsApp account at the same time on different devices? You will be able to use it only if you are able to use it, and remember that WhatsApp is a single account connected and you will have to login individually, so that is a good thing. This means that once a month you have kept your phone and later you can use it and remember one thing, if the primary device is inactive for a long time and it is inactive then all the devices will be disabled. You guys will be out because this is the primary device and I think that is wire privacy wise I think it is important as well friends all the platform

3.Buy Products on whatsApp

You will be able to buy products on WhatsApp itself. Yes, there is much business, no, it is being rolled out right now. Friends, it will happen gradually but this is the future. This update is being rolled out. People can buy products on WhatsApp directly and you So you know that UPI etc. is available in WhatsApp, you will also be able to make payments from there itself on WhatsApp, now it has become very easy to block chats on friends' numbers. How many messages do you receive from those identified calls and every time you get an identified message etc. 

4.Block Unknown Numbers

You get a notification and now you will be able to block from there itself. If the notification comes from there itself, if you do not know the number, you will be able to block it or you can also go to the terrace and long press the chat, there you will get An option of block will come, you can block it from you, blocking anything whether it is notification or chat is very easy.

5. Status Updates

Many visual changes are also coming in this. Feature wise changes are also coming. Yes, now you will be able to select whether people want to see this status, then you will be able to select people privately and will be able to show the status only to them. Voice If the status is coming then you will be able to set your voice message also, you can give reactions to the status, smoji and yes now you will know easily if you look at someone's profile picture, there will be a ring coming from the side like it is on Instagram. Similarly, it will come up and you will come to know that brother, new status has also come for the status, so many things are changing in the status updates. Now friends, these features which I have mentioned till now have been rolled out for the people, they were rolled out some time ago. Remember, many new features will be coming in the coming days which have not been rolled out yet.

6.Chat Transfer

You know friends, when you change your phone, you take a backup, first it is on G Drive and then restore it when you are on a new device, now there is no need to do this. Without G drive you will be able to transfer chats to new device and it is very simple, friends, go to settings and then go to chats and then select chat history transfer, you will get the tax code, scan it from another new device. AND IT WILL GET TRANSFER Another feature which I am very happy with because I type very fast, I am doing some work here, some message comes, I reply immediately and many times I make mistakes too.

7. Message Edit

Now the message edit feature is coming, it means that after you have sent the message, you can also edit it on WhatsApp.

8. Call Silent

Nowadays, you must have seen that these facts have increased a lot in the last one or two months on WhatsApp, now you will be able to silence, you will be able to silence automatically, in fact, whenever you get a call from an unknown caller, you will not get any notification etc. You will become silent, you will have to enable that feature, that means you will not be disturbed, notification will come but it will not ring, you will not know it immediately, you go and look, there is no need, you will see it later in the call list or in the notification list, although at the same time, you will get a lot of information these days. Fraud Sama Scan is happening on WhatsApp, please do not chat with any unknown number, please do not fall for it, people have invested lakhs of rupees, there are no freelances, remember this much, now friends

9. Admin Review Alert ,Broadcast channels and UI Change

This means that friends, many times it happens on group chat that there are unknown people, you do not know, there are small groups, there are big groups and many times it also happens that such a message comes from unknown people, which is Not right, now you can't do anything, you can basically send a message to the admin directly, but now by long pressing the message, you can directly send it to the admin for review. If you did not like any message, long press it and the admin will review it. Send it to him and the group administrator will get that notification, he will see it, if he likes it then he will leave it and delete it. This was up to him but you can definitely alert the admin. Now friends, copy something from Telegram and put it on WhatsApp itself. The channel is coming on the platform of Telegram like from different channels on Telegram, although these can be basically broadcast channels, friends, these channels are also coming very soon and will probably be able to search, the solid channel will be one of National Geographic or There will be a channel of tracking tech where we can broadcast, similarly it is going to come on WhatsApp too, oh my God and yes, changes are coming in the visual design also, now friends, your navigation is at the top, chats, call status, this is Everything comes up, now it is going to come down. If you look at other social media platforms, you will see that generally they prefer bottom navigation. Now the same thing is going to go on WhatsApp also. However, if you use iPhone, then WhatsApp already has bottom navigation. iPhone It is coming on Android very soon, like I am with this video, a lot of new things are coming on WhatsApp and I think it is good on it and it was really nice, earlier there are not many changes in WhatsApp. But in the last two-three years, new features are being added every month and according to me, it is really good. 

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