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Unlocking Google Pixel Exclusive Features on Non-Pixel Android Devices

Are you envious of Google Pixel's exclusive features but don't own one? Well, you're in luck! In this blog post, we'll explore various ways to access those coveted Pixel features on your non-Pixel Android device. From call screening to camera apps and widgets, we've got you covered. Let's dive right in!

Unlocking Google Pixel Exclusive Features on Non-Pixel Android Devices

Screen Call Feature with Context

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Google Pixel users have long enjoyed the "Screen Call" feature, allowing them to answer calls with Google Assistant and decline potential scammers. But did you know you can do this on non-Pixel devices with Context? This app activates when you decline a call, asking the caller for their name and purpose. You can even follow the conversation with a live transcript.

Google Recorder App on Non-Pixel Devices

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The Google Recorder app has been exclusive to Pixel devices for years, but a loophole allows non-Pixel users to access it. By downloading an older version from APK Mirror, you can enjoy most of its features, including transcription. While this version lacks cloud syncing, it may be a security advantage.

Pixel Search for Universal Searches

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Google Pixel's Universal Search Engine is renowned for its effectiveness in finding information within apps and personal data. By downloading Pixel Search, you can replicate this powerful search tool on any Android device. It comes with a similar design, and it can dig even deeper into your apps and internal storage.

VoIP App for Call Interactions

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The Pixel 7 series introduced a hidden trick: live captions with keyboard responses. While some non-Pixel devices can do this with Bixby, VoIP is a great alternative. It not only lets you type responses during calls but also uses AI to handle phone call interactions, like placing orders for you.

Now Playing Feature with Ambient Music Mod

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The Pixel's "Now Playing" feature is a fan favorite, quickly identifying songs on the lock screen. Fortunately, non-Pixel users can replicate this with Ambient Music Mod. It recognizes music on the lock screen, saves song history, and allows customization. Note that it's limited to its database.

Access Google Camera App on Non-Pixel Devices

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Google Pixel's camera app is known for its fantastic photo processing. The good news is you can get the Google Camera app on non-Pixel devices by choosing from various available ports. Each port offers unique features, and some work better with specific phone brands.

Quick Tap Feature with Tap Tap

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Pixel's "Quick Tap" feature lets you perform actions by double-tapping the back of the phone. Non-Pixel users can achieve this functionality with Tap Tap. It offers even more action options, including triple-taps, and can be customized to suit your needs.

Pixel-Like Widgets for Your Home Screen

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Pixel widgets, like the weather pill and battery widget, are highly sought after. You can replicate these on non-Pixel devices with alternatives like Android 12 Widgets, Uzuri 2, or custom widgets, bringing a Pixel-inspired aesthetic to your home screen.

Pixel Wallpapers for a Fresh Look

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Pixel devices come with exclusive wallpapers, but you can enjoy a similar look on your non-Pixel device. Apps like Pix Wallpapers offer a range of Pixel-inspired backgrounds. For a more extensive collection, Pixel Walls includes wallpapers from various Pixel models.

Pixel-Themed Icon Packs

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Google Pixel's icons are known for their color adaptability and style. You can achieve a similar look on non-Pixel devices with icon packs like Dynamic Material UI Compact or Pix Material U Light/Dark, making your icons circular and color-adaptive.

Pixel Launchers for a Familiar Interface

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The Pixel launcher is known for its user-friendly interface. While it's exclusive to Pixel devices, you can replicate it on your non-Pixel device with launchers like Lawnchair 12, Nova Launcher, or Hyperion Launcher. These options offer a similar look and feel.

Customize the UI with Theming

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If you own a Samsung device, you can achieve a Pixel-like appearance by customizing the UI. Apps like Hex Installer allow you to theme various elements, including notifications, Quick Settings, volume panels, and system settings.

Explore Custom ROMs for the Ultimate Experience

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For the most comprehensive Pixel-like experience, consider flashing a custom ROM on your non-Pixel device. Pixel Experience, Paranoid Android, CR Droid, and DerpFest are popular choices. Some ROMs even allow you to unlock Pixel exclusive features not typically available on non-Pixel devices.


Don't let the fact that you don't own a Google Pixel device stop you from experiencing its exclusive features. With the options listed in this blog post, you can transform your non-Pixel Android device into a close approximation of the Pixel experience. Whether it's call screening, camera quality, widgets, or UI theming, you have the power to make your Android device your own. Unlock these features today and enjoy a taste of the Pixel life!


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