Remembering Forgotten Indian Gaming Legends

The Unknown Tales of Indian Gaming Innovators

Indian gaming industry has been showing amazing development over the recent years but in this boom, we often forget about the pioneers who planted the seeds of what is now. I want to reminisce on five legendary Indian gamers whom you may have never heard of again.

1. Mumbai Gamer Runex:

The Trailblazer of Indian Gaming

Once a prominent figure in the Indian gaming community, Runex captivated audiences with his engaging content for over 15 years. From epic GTA 5 space adventures to immersive F1 gameplay, Runex's videos were a staple for gamers. It was heartbreaking to discover that he is no longer with us, leaving behind a legacy cherished by many.

2. Walkthrough King Hemant TT:

Walkthrough King

Hemant TT, known for his meticulous walkthroughs and gameplays since 2014, was respected by gamers across India. Despite his dedication, dwindling views led him to step away from YouTube four years ago. The challenges of content creation, from recording and editing to live streaming, took their toll, highlighting the struggles faced by creators.

3. Indian Gamer (IG):

 Blue Jacket Wale Bhaiya

IG used to do deep dives into PC building and mesmerizing gameplays that made him a well-known name among PC gaming enthusiasts. Differentiating from others, he had a unique way to get himself immersed into all games such as Valiant Hearts or Mafia 2. The man’s storytelling skill along with genuine passion for gaming made him loved by his fans thus; he was unforgettable in the Indian gaming scene.

4. Goldie Bhai:

The Voice of Hindi Gaming

Goldie Bhai, the pioneer of World's First Hindi Gaming Channel, paved the way for many others in the Indian gaming community. His extensive library of gameplay videos, spanning FIFA, God of War, and more, captured the hearts of viewers. Despite facing challenges, Goldie Bhai's commitment to gaming and his engaging personality left a lasting impression on his audience.

5. Yashu CosGaming:

India's Only Cosplay Streamer

Yashu CosGaming , the first Hindi gaming channel in the universe, broke barriers with his early foray into gaming content. With his passion for shooters and pure Hindi commentary, Chain Goldie captivated audiences and inspired many others to enter the gaming space. Though he may have faced challenges along the way,Yashu CosGaming legacy lives on in the hearts of his fans.

Revering Heritage, Uplifting Future Generations

Because of these forgotten legends, let us think deeply about their contributions towards our community. Their impacts helped shape Indian Gaming as we know it today for future generations of gamers and content creators. Even though they are not active anymore, they still have a lasting imprint on India’s gaming terrain.

I too remember watching these gamer guys back then, so tell me your thoughts below in the comments section. Let us honor their legacy as well as celebrate the great times that there were in Indian Gaming

If you, like me, have fond memories of watching these gamers, share your thoughts in the comments below. Let's honor their legacy and celebrate the rich history of Indian gaming.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Why is it important to remember these forgotten Indian gaming legends?
A: Remembering these pioneers is essential as they laid the foundation for the Indian gaming community's growth and inspired many others to pursue their passion for gaming.
Q: How did these gamers contribute to the Indian gaming scene?
A: Each of these legends contributed uniquely through their content, paving the way for diverse gaming experiences and fostering a sense of community among gamers.
Q: Are there any initiatives to commemorate these gaming pioneers?
A: While formal initiatives may vary, many gamers and content creators pay tribute to these legends through social media posts, videos, and discussions, keeping their legacies alive.


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