Pokemon Top Games Playable in 2022 (Official Games)

The first Pokemon games on the original Game Boy were launched in Japan on February 27th, and as such, Nintendo has marked the day as "Pokemon Day".

Far from being a recognised holiday, it instead marks an opportunity for The Pokemon Company to reveal new information about upcoming games, or add shiny new Pokemon to existing entries, as has happened this year.

And while we at PGBiz are loathe to jump on any bandwagons, it does give us an opportunity to take a look at Pokemon's latest mobile outings and see how they've been performing over the last three months.There are some best pokemon games of 2022. 

We chose to look at the series' two biggest markets - Japan and the USA - and limit our focus to the three most recent releases: Pokemon Home, Pokemon Masters, and Pokemon Rumble Rush.

Pokemon Home

Let's look at Pokemon Home first. An app designed to transfer Pokemon between games, in particular the Switch titles Let's Go, Pikachu/Eevee and Sword/Shield, the app first launched on February 12th on both Android and iOS.

Pokemon Master

The most recent true Pokemon mobile game to launch on mobile was Pokemon Masters, a surprisingly decent 3v3 battler with a heavy gacha element from DeNA. Our staff writer Matthew Forde even ranked it as his favourite game of 2019.

Pokemon Rumble Rush

Shortly before Pokemon Masters came Pokemon Rumble Rush, the fifth entry in developer Ambrella's Pokemon Rumble series. It features toy-like Pokemon duking it out in real-time battles

Pokemon Go

It should at this point be noted that being a consistent charter in the top 100 overall grossing ranks of an app store doesn't make a game instantly successful. Indeed, steady performance at a lower level can still generate enough cash to keep a company's coffers full.

The Pokemon Company might not be seeing great revenues from its own mobile Pokemon releases, or even with its DeNA partnership, but licensing those little creatures across as many avenues as possible is its true goal. It doesn't want you hooked on one game - it wants you hooked on the entire ecosystem of Pokemon.


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