How to Make a Free Minecraft Pocket Edition Server 24/7 Online with Free Hosting on Mobile 2023

Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) is a mobile version of the popular game, and hosting your own server is a great way to enjoy the game with friends. You can set up your server to run 24/7 with the help of free hosting services. Here's how you can do it from the convenience of your mobile device.

Step 1: Check Compatibility

Ensure your mobile device can handle the server hosting process. You'll need a smartphone or tablet with ample storage space, RAM, and a reliable internet connection.

Step 2: Download the Required App

Get PocketMine-MP: Download the PocketMine-MP app from the official website. You can find it here.

Step 3: Set Up Your Server

Install the App: Once you've downloaded the PocketMine-MP app, install it on your mobile device.

Configure Your Server: Launch the app and configure your server settings. You can customize your server's name, port, and other settings.

Step 4: Port Forwarding

For your server to be accessible online, you may need to set up port forwarding on your router. This step can be tricky and may not be possible with some mobile devices, depending on your network setup.

Step 5: Test Your Server

Start the server using the app, and make sure it runs correctly on your mobile device.

Test the server locally by connecting to it on your device. If successful, invite friends to join your server.

Step 6: Ensure 24/7 Uptime

To keep your server online 24/7, you'll need the help of a free hosting service:

Aternos: Visit the Aternos website here and register for a free account. You can create a Minecraft PE server and configure it to be online 24/7. However, please note that there might be a queue system during peak usage times.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Server

With your server set up and hosted online 24/7, you and your friends can enjoy playing Minecraft Pocket Edition together anytime you want. You can explore mods, plugins, and other customizations to enhance your gameplay experience.


Creating a free Minecraft PE server that's online 24/7 on your mobile device is an exciting project that allows you to have complete control over your gaming experience. By following these simple steps and using free hosting services, you can embark on countless adventures in the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition. Have fun and start building your virtual world!

Please note that setting up a 24/7 server on a mobile device may have limitations and can be more reliable on a dedicated computer due to factors like stability and performance.


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